Mouse and Mice Pictures

There are many different kinds of mice.  A mouse can come in all shapes and sizes and a variety of colors.  Below are some pictures of mice ranging from cute to funny to gross.  I hope you enjoy them.

cute mouse picture


First we have a very cute mouse.  Anybody would have a hard time exterminating this cute little guy.

deer mouse


Next we have a picture of a deer mouse.  This little guy also falls into the cute and cuddly category.

field mouse picture


Here’s a picture of a field mouse.  I hope Little Bunny Foo Foo doesn’t bop him on the head.

house mouse

Here’s a photo of a common house mouse.

funny mice picture


Here’s a funny picture of mice having a few drinks.

pet mouse

Here’s a picture of a pet mouse not bothering anybody.  He’s being “quiet as a mouse”.

baby mouse


Here’s a photo of a baby mouse.  How cute is that?  He’s barely as big as your thumb.

This baby mouse is black.  The next picture is of a brown mouse.

brown mouse


and here’s an image of a white mouse, not to be confused with an albino mouse.

white mouse


Here’s a pic of a bunch of baby mice in someone’s hand.

baby mice


That is too cute.  But you know what’s not too cute?  Answer: mouse infestations of the home.  Imagine how awful it would be if your house was infested with mice like the picture below.  Once again, somebody call the exterminator pronto!

mouse infestation


That’s it for now.  If you’ve got some pictures of mice you’d like to share please contact us and send us the pics.



Rats Pictures

While most people could agree that a baby mouse can be cute, few people would agree that rats are cute.  In fact, most people think rats are hideous creatures and they are scared to death that a rat will bite them.

Here are some photos of rats of all sizes.

picture of a rat

This is what a rat looks like.  It has a pointier head than a mouse.  The big difference between a mouse and a rat is the long tail.  Rats also have sharper teeth than mice.

If you see one rat in your home the chances are there are a hundred you’re not seeing.  Below is a picture of a rat infestation.  I think it’s safe to say it’s time to give up on rat traps and call the exterminator!

rat infestation


Here’s a picture of a mouse killed by a standard mouse trap and a rat killed by a standard rat trap.  As you can see the rat trap is much larger because rats are generally much larger than mice.

mouse and rat trap


Rats can grow much bigger than people think.  Check out this huge rat pictured below.

huge rat

Here’s another picture of a giant rat.  That rodent is Ginormous.

giant rat picture


This picture would make any parent cringe.  There are hundreds of rats all around this poor child.  The home is overrun with rats.

rats everywhere


In some countries, especially Thailand, there is actually a big demand for rat meat.  Check out this picture of rat-kabobs.

rat meat in Thailand


Now that you are thoroughly grossed out I will end this post.  The next post won’t contain anymore gross rat pictures, but it will contain cute mouse pictures instead.



Mice and Rats Photos

This websites is dedicated to pictures of mice, rats, and other rodents.  We will be sharing images of the common house mouse, field mouse, deer mouse, pet mice, and rats.  Some photos will be cute and cuddly, others will be funny, and some will be hard to look at because they will be of mice in mouse traps, mouse infestations and just general gross rat pictures.

picture of gray mice

Most people fall into two groups; you’re either someone who likes mice and wouldn’t mind having one as a pet or you are someone who hates mice and wants to get rid of them.  As for me, I think a cure little baby mouse is adorable and I think they would make a fine pet, but rats are where I draw the line.  Mice and rats can multiply so fast it doesn’t take long at all before your whole house is infested and you have mouse poop and mice nests all over the place.  They chew up everything and leave all kinds of damage, not to mention they are absolutely gross.  It’s a really disgusting feeling when you open your spoon drawer and see little mouse turds everywhere in your utensils.


One huge difference between mouse lovers and those who hate mice is how to handle getting rid of the mice.  Many people think it’s inhumane to catch a mouse on a glue trap, to poison a mouse, or to snap its head off with a mouse trap.  Those people would recommend you exterminate by catching the mice alive and having them removed and relocated.  I would be all for that if they were easy to capture alive, but in most cases they are not.  For me, getting rid of mice is only possible by using sticky traps.  Mice are very clever and they can easily outsmart regular mouse traps.  But glue traps seem to catch them every time.

That’s it for the inaugural post for this website.   The next post will be of pictures of rats, followed by some posts of pictures of mice.